Put Your Brilliant Strategic Management Skills to the Test!

2008 First Place Team

Every year CMA British Columbia hosts the CMA BC High School Scholarship Competition – a business case competition, where grade 11 and 12 students across BC compete for a $2000 team scholarship.  This competition is the first high school business case competition of its kind in British Columbia.

In teams of three, students are asked to solve real-world business problems combining their classroom knowledge and street smarts.  In addition to the $2000 team scholarship, the winning team will also receive a Management Award and provincial recognition.

How does the competition work?

Simply find two friends and form a team of three and complete and submit the application form to CMA BC.  After the application deadline has passed, you will receive the business case which you will have approximately a month to put together a business report.

Presentation Round

The top eight teams with the best business report will be invited to Round Two of the competition in Downtown Vancouver where they will showcase their brilliant strategic skills with a 15 minute presentation and a 5 minute question and answer period that explains their analysis and recommendations to a panel of judges.

The top two presentations will move forward to the final round of the day where they will compete for winning title of the competition.

When should I apply and when does this competition take place?

Applications are accepted annually from September to December. The competition begins in January and ends in March with the Presentation Round.

2009 First Place Team

What did past participants think about this competition?

“Learning about the real world applications of strategy, management, and accounting was very interesting.  Before this competition, I’ve always thought that accounting was just all numbers.” – Tommy Leung of Burnaby North Secondary

“The CMA High School Scholarship Competition was a fun and challenging learning experience!” – Gordon Zhang of Pinetree Secondary

“A truly inspiring event, the CMA scholarship competition engaged us in critical thinking within a team environment,” - Leo Liu of Burnaby Mountain Secondary

Where can I get more information?

Contact Winnie Wan, Marketing Administrator of CMA BC at winnie@cmabc.com or 604-484-7024.

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