Nominate a CMA for Fellowship

2012 FCMA nominations are now open

Do you know a CMA who should be considered for the national honorary FCMA designation?

CMAs who are awarded the FCMA designation epitomize the qualities we prize most highly: leadership, professional accomplishments, civic mindedness, and dedication to advancing the profession of management accounting.

They should be members who bring distinction to the profession through their personal career accomplishments, their volunteer involvement with CMA Canada or its provincial partners, and have helped our CMA professional organization grow and increase its profile in the marketplace. In addition, their dedication to community service has helped to raise the awareness of CMAs and the value of the designation.

By these accomplishments, FCMAs bring distinction to the profession and serve as role models for others.

“Receiving my FCMA designation was the highlight of my professional career to date,” said 2004 FCMA recipient Bob Strachan, Past Chair of the CMA Canada Board of Directors. “It was recognition of the substance and value of my contribution to CMA, management accounting and the community. More importantly, it opened the doors to working with others who had also made significant contributions and had the same passion and commitment. There is no greater recognition for a professional than to be so recognized by your peers.”

The deadline to submit 2012 FCMA nominations is April 2, 2012.

Download the 2012 FCMA nomination forms today. Read about the 2011 FCMAs.

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