Crofton House wins Sixth Annual CMA British Columbia High School Case Competition

The Certified Management Accountants Society of British Columbia held its sixth annual Case Competition on Saturday, March 24, 2012 at Segal Graduate School of Business.

First-place Crofton House team with CMA Judges - Rolando Cardeno, CMA, Cornelia Cheung, CMA, Cliff Kanto, CMA

Crofton House students, Cindy Chen and Wina Huang, won the competition and a shared $2000 team scholarship.  Eric Zheng, Jack Chai, and Ronald Xie from Richmond Secondary placed second and shared a $600 team scholarship.  340 grade 11 and 12 students, organized in 118 teams, from 39 high schools across BC participated in this year’s competition.

“We are very proud to be able to offer high school students throughout B.C. the opportunity to participate in a business case competition, and help these young leaders develop their strategic leadership skills early in their careers,” said Vinetta Peek, CMA – President & CEO of CMA British Columbia.

“We received a number of outstanding reports and CMA British Columbia would like to recognize the following schools that made it to round two of the case competition: Windermere Secondary, Terry Fox Secondary, Richmond Secondary, Burnaby Secondary, and Crofton House,” said Peek.

The CMA case competition provides participating students with an understanding of management challenges and issues. This year students were invited to put their management leadership skills to the test by analyzing the business case of the Gap Inc. Each team had to put together a management report strategically advising the company’s fictional senior management on a recommended solution. Teams that made it to round two of the competition then presented their reports to a panel of CMA judges.

“The 2012 CMA BC Management Case was a challenging, but inspirational learning experience. Through this event, I not only developed valuable skills such as strategic planning, problem solving, and public presentation, but also gained confidence in both my academic and interpersonal abilities,” said Wina Huang of Crofton House, whose team placed first in the competition.

Second-place Richmond Secondary team presenting their management case recommendations

“I was thoroughly impressed by all the presentations made by the students. The effort and enthusiasm that went into the presentations at such a young age was remarkable!” said Cornelia Cheung, CMA. “The poise and confidence that the students portrayed will give them a great start to their future endeavors.”

Thanks to our judges, Cliff Kanto, CMA, Cornelia Cheung, CMA, and Rolando, CMA for helping out with the competition this year!  Photos of this competition can be viewed on our Facebook page.

For information about the 2013 competition, please check out this page or email us at  Deadline for next year’s competition will be January 2013.

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