Becoming a CMA – FAQs #2: Can I work abroad with a CMA?

Over the past year we’ve interacted with hundreds of students over emails, career fairs, and information sessions. Many of the questions we come across are the same, so we’ve created this new blog series to address some key frequently asked questions.

Can I work abroad with my CMA?

While the CMA designation is a Canadian designation, CMAs are certainly not limited to working only in Canada. In fact, the value of the designation is recognized globally and there are currently CMA members living and applying their skills and knowledge in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Many CMAs who live in Canada also hold jobs that require them to travel to practically every part of the world. Read what some globetrotting CMAs had to say about their travel experiences.

In addition, CMA also holds mutual recognition agreements with CPA Australia, CIPFA Members (UK), and CIMA Members (UK).


Just a few of the countries where CMAs can currently be found working:

Antigua England Japan Russia
Australia France Kenya Saudi Arabia
Bahamas Germany Korea Singapore
Barbados Greece Mexico St. Lucia
Bermuda Hong Kong Morocco Switzerland
Cayman Islands India Netherlands Taiwan
Chile Indonesia New Zealand Thailand
Costa Rica Ireland Norway Trinidad & Tobago
Ecuador Italy Pakistan United Arab Emirates
Egypt Jamaica Philippines United States


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2 Responses to Becoming a CMA – FAQs #2: Can I work abroad with a CMA?

  1. Ivan says:

    Dear CMA Advisory,

    I have a few question regarding the 24-month work experience towards the designation.

    - What kind of positions/on-the-job responsibilities count?
    - When does CMA start counting the 24-month experience? ie, prior to commencement of the SLP or at the time the SLP starts.
    - How is the experience evaluated?

    Thank you for your help and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,


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